Saturday, September 19, 2009

the tender man and the lady who was different than the other ladies

he was a tender man, "good with the ladies" as they say. not just good with them, good for them. he understood women. he knew when to hold their hands and hug them and kiss their necks and when to nod his head and talk about love and rocking chairs and when to touch their forearms and whisper something about the smalls of their backs and nibble their ears and he also knew when to fuck them very hard in the vagina parts of their bodies. for the women he had known liked to be caressed on occasion. romanced. appreciated. and sometimes penetrated very deeply behind the dumpster in the alley.

but she was different. he did not understand her. he would try to fuck her very hard in the vagina part of her body and she would say no, cuddle me now. and he would hold her hand tenderly, as only a tender man can, and she would twist his arm behind his back and insert penis shaped objects into his buttocks. she intrigued him. she wobbled his quo. he did not like having things squeezed up into his anus but he did like the feeling of not knowing. of not understanding. it was liberating and exciting and sometimes she would give him handjobs in the movie theater.


  1. You and your handjobs.

  2. hmm, there does seem to be a trend emerging.

  3. this is important and funny: "he also knew when to fuck them very hard in the vagina parts of their bodies."



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