Friday, May 30, 2008

can you canoe?

let us do haiku
mullholland drive compared to
bringing down the house

naomi boobies
or sassy queen latifa
damn, too close to call

Thursday, May 08, 2008

If Jesus Got the Measels

If Jesus was a catholic boy
would he have to wear a tie
would he show up to class
as high as a kite

if he got caught smoking
would he get 500 lines
or get off on a technicality
because he was Jesus Christ

would he have to cut his hair
and tuck in his shirt
would he stay out on the field
and play when he was hurt

would jesus be a suck up
and ace every test
would the girls suck his pecker
knowing that it was blessed

would jesus be popular
or would he start his own clique
would he be a decent guy
or another total dick

if jesus was a catholic boy
would he even bother to pray
and with no lepers around
what would he do all day

does jesus have hobbies
besides turning water into wine
like can that dirty bastard
make an ugly chick fine

when jesus dates a girl
does he bring a dozen roses
does he jump on the hot one
and stick the ugly one with moses

i don't think jesus is a catholic boy
come on think it through
with all those magic powers
what would jesus really do

i think he'd be in hip-hop
or some other crazy scene
fuck going to catholic school
where the nuns are really mean

he'd be making videos
and partying til the break of dawn
and all those god-damned apostles
would be passed out on his lawn

No way he'd be a catholic boy
at least that's what i think
what would jesus drink
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