Monday, July 13, 2009

back in

i came back in. it was dark, mostly, but an eery light eminated from the russian torture sluts who sat spread eagled and ugly faced inside my laptop screen. The light shone directly on her eddie vedder poster. eddie was jesus to her if you can imagine jesus letting a girl in a serious relationship blow him back stage after the concert. i didn't care for him that much and that was kind of a problem, especially that one time i chanted "ed vedder the bed wetter" over and over again all up in her face. i can be annoying sometimes.

it was my fault she left, actually. that night she came home all excited about some big "eddie" solo show that she had scored front row tickets to. to which she had. or whatever. she was beaming and creaming and clearly wanted to "do it" to me right there on the living room floor. but instead of letting her do it to me i busted her chops about how much money she spent on pearl jam paraphanalia and whatnot and i accused her of wanting to do it to eddie vedder harder than she wanted to do it to me. she asked me why i always had to rain on her parade and then she left. just like that.

so i didn't call her and she didn't call me. i wanted to and i wanted her to but i guess she didn't or she did but she didn't for whatever reason. it's never logical when you look back on it. i tried to replace her with various internet sluts. and i grew a beard. but i was sad and my face was itchy and i wanted her back. and her front ha ha.

it's not just the sex i miss. the sex was good although i'm pretty sure her hardest cums were eddie inspired and that bothers me to some degree but not completely because oh see i'm getting hard right now just thinking of her in that moment. her face and her sounds. but we were more, too. just watching tv or riding our bikes because we still rode bikes sometimes on the weekend up to the farmer's market where we bought bread and jam. i rode too fast just to be an ass but i'll stop doing that i swear.

and today i'm going to catch the bus out to that antique store she likes so much and buy her some pearls. like her mother's ones that she is always saying she will inherit one day. then i'm going to call her and see if i can get back in.

Orlando Innamorato (“Orlando in Love”)

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