Sunday, July 14, 2013

Cry Quietly

I will not always cry quietly when you kiss me. One day or in the night I will be brave. I will cave in your hollow skull with a hammer or with my bare hands I will tear the flesh away from the bones in your arms. You will kiss me, not with those vacant open eyes, not like a dog that is hungry and then so quickly satiated. My teeth will pinch the meat of your lips until there is blood and I will taste the iron as it replaces the air inside of my mouth. I will pull you closer, tight, and suck all the breath from your lungs and my heart will pump again. My nails will dig deep, splitting your skin. From the nape of your neck I will unzip you, down your spine, until your insides have spilled at my feet. Like this, finally, I will live and I will be free.
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