Sunday, March 08, 2009

my t-shirt

my t-shirt has a collar
two sleeves
the main bit
and an opening at the bottom
the opening at the bottom doesn't really have a name
so i just call it the opening at the bottom
oh and the main bit has a picture on the front
it is a picture of rob lowe playing the saxophone
and on the back of the t-shirt it says "it ain't a party till something gets broken"
which is my favorite part of the t-shirt
only i kind of wish it was on the front under the picture of rob lowe playing the saxophone
but i guess there wasn't room
and there's a little round hole just above the opening at the bottom
i tell people that it's a cigarette burn but as far as i know it's just a moth hole
is that a thing? a moth hole?
what i mean is that a moth chewed a hole in my t-shirt and it looks a little bit like a cigarette burn

why don't robots have any hair

it isn't fair
to build men without any hair
you give them arms and legs
and square headed robot faces
it's rude
poor bald bodied robots
no beard
or pubes
or hair in any of the usual places
next time gut a bear
then stuff your artificial intelligence and microchips
in there
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