Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dying is Not Like Sleeping

I was in their bed watching the Greatest American Hero when I heard my mother's car pull into the garage. I turned the television off and deliberately spread my maths homework across the sheets. But she took longer than usual to come inside that night and when she did she was noticeably different. Nervous. Tired. Not crying, but sad and her voice was soft. She seemed younger somehow. "He's gone," she whispered.

We slept together and in the morning we ate our breakfast on the veranda. "Dying is not like sleeping," my mother said. "Nor is living so simple as being awake."


  1. damn. you rule. this rules.

  2. Killed me at the end. KILLED ME, SIR.

    Damn you.


  3. never stop blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love u!!

  4. just being a superfan.

  5. i loooove superfans!!

    I won't stop. I hit the keyboard whenever inspiration strikes. Sometimes I go away for a couple of months but I imagine I'll always be back.


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