Sunday, May 17, 2009

and so it goes

she came
all high
and mighty in her mind
in a daze
not fitting in
and dismissing our ways
wearing ugg boots
and a t-shirt from the olden days
who was she
to judge me
and my friends and the things we wear
not that i care
about a girl with fucked up hair
she's gone now
back i guess
to the land of boys with tattoos of girls in thongs
where she belongs
where they sing karaoke to bon jovi songs
smoking pipes instead of bongs
where did she go
really it wasn't so bad having her around
different way of thinking
feet on the ground
i miss that sparkle in her eye and the way her hair would fly 
when she rode her bike without a helmet
not good enough for us
i suppose
but better too
and so it goes


  1. I fucking love this poem.

  2. oh thanks... it's the sequel to your shag haircuts poem so you'll get some of the royalties.


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