Saturday, May 23, 2009


have you ever tried to buy earmuffs? it's a lot harder than you think. first most regular stores don't even carry them or they think it's a joke just tell me where they are okay i mean are they with the hats or with the gloves or with the ladies shoes or whatever just point me and i'll find it..

tehn you finally find a place that has earmuffs but they only have those ones with the plastic things under the furry stuff and you can totally feel that shit on your ears and it isn't comfortable at all.

or they only have yellow earmuffs. yellow. who wears yellow earmuffs.

or they're bent because some asshole kid has been trying them on.

and then you finally find a comfy pair in a good color and you wear them around for a good two or three days but end up leaving them on the bus or in the bathroom (you can't shit with earmuffs on) or at your ex-girlfriend's house or some place that you can't even remember. i know i should just let them hang around my neck when i'm not wearing them but it sounds stupid but my neck is allergic to the furry stuff they use in earmuffs so i get all itchy and red.

my ears aren't allergic and my doctor says that's normal to be allergic in one place but not in another.

i got blue earmuffs.

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