Tuesday, October 06, 2009

my hair is the greatest american hero

my hair is big and awesome and better than anything you've ever done with your life. i don't even know if it looks more awesome when i wake up in the morning or even more awesome after i have a shower and "do it." people literally, figuratively, and virtually jump up in the air and say wow when they walk past me (because they think my hair is really awesome). they give me high fives and say things like hey can you believe how awesome your hair is and i say yeah, i know, it's really awesome and then they say yeah, it is. i'm going to go and look at it right now.


  1. Your teeth are pretty awesome, too.

  2. i'll cut your hair and glue it to my head

  3. it will probably grow back even way more awesomer (it's pretty awsome)!

  4. aw, i tried to draw a pix in here but it won;t let me. just think about something really awesome and then that's kind of what my hair big awesome looks like.

  5. There's already a pix, ana, didn't you see? It's awesome.

  6. thanks cami
    wow i'm a loser

    the arms look strong
    i want a hug


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