Monday, February 01, 2010

Grand Requiem for Praying Equally for All to Untie the Knots of Unjust Suffering

she lives in a room in a house with nothing; with nobody. terribly alone and she eats cereal three times a day and apples. she reads a lot with her face very close to the page. her glasses are cracked and her life is broken but she is okay because she has thích nhất hạnh. thích nhất hạnh is a buddhist monk and he is an author. she reads the things that thích nhất hạnh has written. she believes in them and she thinks about them and some of his books are in vietnamese. she lines the books up against the wall and she squats in the corner and meditates. she clears her mind of the bad things; she tunes out the sounds of the buses that keep her awake at night. she tells herself that her mind is the window in her room. it cannot close. she lets the birds fly in.

the next day she gets up off her mattress with a purpose. she will start her own school of youth for social services right here in her neighbourhood. she drinks some water.

she will talk to people and get them involved. together they will rebuild things. they will setup schools. they will build hospitals. they will find beds and tables and refrigerators for homeless people. they will rally against violence and war.

she doesn't have any apples. the milk is spoiled. she will have to talk to people tomorrow. today she will go to the library and ask if the new mindfulness bell is in. it probably isn't in yet. she will stay inside today. she's hungry and so she will read.

there is a biography of thích nhất hạnh. he is the dharmacharya now. he lives in the plum village monastery in the dordogne region in the south of france. he travels and he prays and he meditates and he is happy. he hosts retreats for famous actors and people who are not famous. she squats again in her corner and she chants. she prays for the wellbeing of the famous actors and the people who are not famous. she knows that everybody is connected; their happiness is important to her.


  1. i love very much enjoy fascinated by your searalic writings

  2. Anonymous9:54 AM

    Dude, you're making this stuff up. Come on.. this chick doesn't REALLY exist. Stop lying.

  3. I like the way you spelled neighbourhood, you fancy-ass fancy-pants. This made me happy but I do not think she gives a turd. That's okay.


  4. i like you a lot. please know that.

  5. xTx, i like to be liked so thank you for liking me a lot.

    otto, she could be constipated. that is a very real possibility. also, spelling is flexible for me.

    kevin, nothing is real. everything is real. all of the above.

    cami, "seems" is a loaded word.

    xTx, oh hi. i have in my mind "stay free, taylor swift" but i don;t know yet if it will turn into a story. wait and see i guess.


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