Thursday, April 22, 2010

blood on your face

in your dress with the pockets. hands in your pockets. nothing in your pockets. there's blood on your face.

where are your shoes? my favourite shoes. you don't have any shoes. are those dried tears on your cheeks?

your mascara has run, why didn't you run? you tried to run. there's dirt in your hair.

your purse has gone. your necklace has gone. the darkness has gone. it's still in your mind.

come closer to me. get warmer with me. come home with me. i will make you some eggs.


  1. You're a terrific writer. I wish I knew your actual name. If I edited a journal I'd ask you for work.

  2. wow, what a nice thing to say. thanks rebecca. i'm going to print that out and staple it to the face of a monkey. then i'll set the monkey free in new york city and everybody will know.

    my real name is benjamin king btw. it's a good name because it is not very googlable. too common.

  3. Excellent. Thank you. You made my day. I'll be watching for that monkey in case he hitchhikes to Seattle.

  4. I like eggs and spelling favorite with a U. I like u. And blood from the Imicali plant.

  5. the eggs part did not work for me on acct of eggs are grody but the rest is top notch you should be proud of yourself not like a cigar store indian becuz that is racist more like proud enough to go to a bakery and get yourself a special treat nawmean bless

  6. thanks mung. i got a donut with sprinkles. that's just about as fancy as i like to get with my bakery treats.


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