Sunday, June 20, 2010

I Read Books

I read books all the time about things, about girls, about men. Death, and yes, about love. Destruction, redemption, the depths, the darkness, and the light inside. Hearts closed or open wide. Despicable things. Connections, actions, burning bridges, mending fences. Consequences. Conflicted thinking, floating, sinking. Righting wrong. Standing up, being strong, fighting on. But here I am in bed where I read about these things, about girls, about men, and here you are, sharing this bed where I read about death, and yes about love, but you are a person, not pages or ink and I'm starting to think I'm not prepared for this or for you. What should I say, what should I do?  


  1. Anonymous12:55 AM

    Rollerfink on fire again. Love the rhythm in this one.

  2. Strong. Strong. Nothing wasted. There has never been a book written abut Mentos. Why? I think the answer is verminag.

  3. thanks kezza and otter. i am going to write a book about mentos.

  4. SO rollerfink, about your dream....
    I gave my hat away to a nice guy who looked better in it that i did.

    he gave me a guitar for it. your dream came true? sorta.

  5. i like the writing. it is solid and good. amen to you, sir.

  6. sarah that guy sounds nice and i will try not to be petty about it. next i will dream about otto and slongdick making out (while kevin eats mentos) and we will see if that comes true.


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