Saturday, June 19, 2010

I'll Kill a Bear

There's nothing you can do, she said. Don't buy a suit or kill a bear. Don't paint me flowers or stroke my hair. Don't get all weepy, it's creepy and don't write a song about footprints in the sand. Just accept that you cannot understand. It's not about you. Don't buy a ticket. Don't save the whales. I don't need any more Alpha males in my life. Don't make a mix tape that's all Billy Ocean. Don't set sail across the sea to be with me and please do not buy a knife or a gun. Don't punch a wall or curse at the sun or book a romantic getaway to the south of France. Don't buy me sexy underpants or read me poems over the phone. Don't discuss any of this with my friends or with my mum and don't come around when I tell you I'm not home. Don't say sorry or ask me if I'm okay. Just leave me alone for today. I'll give you a call tomorrow.


  1. pushin rhymes.


  2. This made me actually laugh. It's the word underpants. I think it may be the funniest word in the English language. Happy to find you new here on a Saturday morning.

  3. ooooo i loved that.

  4. ha, thanks allbodies. (i think "sigh" and "Arggghhhhh" are good things). And I know "underpants" are good things.


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