Saturday, March 03, 2012

The Opposite of Lonely

Look up into the sky, not at the sun, don't ever look into the sun, not at the clouds, they are for dreamers; look deep into the very bluest part of the bluest part of the sky. This is the opposite of lonely. This is a boy in black rollerskates with yellow laces and nothing and nobody except his favourite song and a t-shirt with numbers on it. This is a man, with children asleep, in underpants eating cereal with nobody and nothing except a foreign movie and a cider. It's a girl drawing pictures of people and flowers alone in her room in silence in bliss. It's a woman in a field on her back with a book in the grass in the warmth on her own with nothing but time and nobody. There, look even through the blue, beyond the sky and back again, you will see an ant out of the line on the bricks with a crumb on his back. This is the opposite of lonely.


  1. Gordon.

    This made me feel lonely and I liked it.

  2. ...and it made me melancholic, which is tough to do...and sometimes (like now) good to do.

  3. no, THIS is a warm blooded animal.

  4. christ i've been doing it wrong. burning sunspots into my retinas for nothing.

    1. try again during a solar eclipse. you may develop x-ray vision.


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