Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I’m a squirrel in the forest.

It's a dream.

I’m nothing; I’m dead. 

I'm a squirrel in the forest and I'm dead.

There are maggots in my eyes and I'm dead. 

I’m nothing in this forest and I’m dead. 

I’m naked and lonely; I stink, I’m nothing and I’m dead. 

I’m the squirrel, I’m the forest, I’m the maggots.

I’m the eyes, I'm the stench.

I am nothing and I’m dead.

And you.

You are the wind and the sky and the stream and a fish and a flower in a tree and a bird and a hand and a body and you smile and we kiss. There’s a fire and it’s warm and a tent and we touch and we sleep and we dream and there’s a squirrel in the forest and it’s dead. 


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