Saturday, June 16, 2007

Let's Go National

last year's local "tell it like it is" day was a phenomenal success. this year, let's take it nationwide!

we'll call it the annual all-american "tell it like it is" day! or maybe THE 50 STATES PLUS PUERTO RICO AND ALASKA ANNUAL "TELL IT LIKE IT IS" DAY!

just imagine the whole country plus puerto rico and alaska telling it like it is! it will be so great.

let's sell t-shirts too. "i told it like it was on tell it like it is day" and "you've been told (like it is)"

and hats.

to go national we'll probably need to bring a celebrity on board. maybe a dick van patten or dick van dyke. anybody with the name dick would be good. or rosie o'donnel.

i really think we can make this happen. come on guys, this year let's tell it like it is like we've never told it before.

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