Sunday, June 17, 2007

summer socks for men

Everybody loves socks! But sometimes it's just too darn hot. Especially in the summertime when soaring temperatures can make wearing socks feel more like baking a turkey in your shoes.

Problem solved! Now, for fashionable sock loving but temperature sensitive men there's Summer Socks for Men!

They look just like regular socks but hiding just under the surface there's a micro-thin layer of dry ice. Finally, cool feet in the summertime (and no feminine looking sandals in sight, boys!).

Special bonus: for absolutely no additional cost you can wow the ladies with the wafts of smoke that eminate from your shoes!

Thanks to our innovative Isockle® Extendawear technology, Summer Socks for Men can be enjoyed for over 6 hours before a dry ice refill is needed.

Some mice developed terminal cervical cancer in clinical tests, but no sweat, you won't be wearing your Summer Socks for Men in a testing environment and most men don't have a cervix anyway so there's probably no need to worry!

Summer Socks for Men and related accessories are now available at your local sock retailer. Look for Underpants Made Out of Dead Skin Cells coming soon.

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