Sunday, June 17, 2007

speaking of underpants

have you noticed that every single pair of underpants is made in china?

come on. you don't think they laugh at us when they're making our underpants. they sit there in the underpants factory and laugh. they hold up our giant underpants and wave them around in the air. laughing at how fat we are. i'm sure of it. they laugh at how funny our underpants look to them. and then they pack them up and wrap them in plastic.


  1. not MY underpants. nosir.

    well, maybe.

  2. sorry, i was not being literal when i said "speaking" of underpants. speaking about underpants in general is acceptable, however please ***DO NOT*** speak about your own personal underpants. i find such bawdy topics to be highly offensive in a "somebody else's underpants" kind of way.

    (are they sexy?)

    (don't answer that)


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