Wednesday, August 19, 2009

she had an idea

she had a job. and a boss. and an idea to tell her boss. at her job. it was a good one. the idea. and the job. and she was excited to tell her boss. she was nervous though. about sharing the idea with her boss. not because it wasn't good. because it was. the idea that she had. but to tell her boss. about the idea. was a little bit awkward. she had never told her boss anything. at her job. never asked a question. or raised a point. but now she had something to say. at her job. to her boss. and it was about this idea that she had. she would tell her boss. at her job. about the idea. first thing in the morning. or if her boss was busy then maybe after lunch. she liked her job. and her boss. and was proud of her idea. so she would tell her boss. as soon as she could muster up the courage.


  1. I can't wait to hear her idea!

  2. Plus, I like this.


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