Saturday, June 06, 2009

cups and spoons

we used to do the crossword
or sometimes i'd do sudoku
and she'd just drink and dream
me in my t-shirt
her in her jeans
and we'd chat of course about things
or other things
or people who we knew or wanted to
then one morning it was gone
still sitting and sipping
and talking
but the way was another way or not our way and not the same
like it used to be
her and me
now she despised me and the things i did or had done
or the way i was or who i am
and i was annoyed at every little thing
i hated her neck 
here we were
finishing up like the days of old
before her breath began to mold
i rose to go 
not ready to go
but the time had come and gone again
and then i felt her hand
she leaned in for a kiss
i obliged and spent the moment
thinking about all the little things that i might miss 
but not this
the morning sun had given in to rain
as she turned back
to clear away the cups and spoons

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