Sunday, March 26, 2006

Fuck New York

Fuck New York. Fuck the shithole apartments and the way
everyone talks. Fuck the fancy restaurants and having to
walk. Fuck the hustlers and fuck the cabs. Fuck the subway
and the girls with crabs. Fuck the Hamptons and fuck the
bars. Fuck the cops and the firefighters too. Fuck the empire
state and the Brooklyn zoo. Fuck Broadway and all the wannabe
stars. Fuck the Knicks and fuck the Yanks. Fuck all the
weasels who work in investment banks. Fuck the mayor and fuck
Times Square. Fuck all the faggots with gel in their hair.
Fuck working overtime so I can afford to park. Fuck the
little dogs and fuck central park. Fuck the tunnels and fuck
the bridges. Fuck the kitchens that don't fit fridges. I'm
going home.

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