Sunday, March 26, 2006


As part of our P.E. Extension class we went on a camping
trip. Full-on hiking and whatnot. We cooked sausages on the
fire and bathed in the stream. Somehow the girls ended up in
our tent one night, chattering and flirting. It was chilly
and I secretly wanted to snuggle up to Veronica. We used to
sit side by side in social studies and she always laughed at
my jokes and let me see her grades when we got our tests
back. She liked me. But in the tent my confidence was low.
Miles was there and he was telling stories about his big
brother's drunken uni adventures. Then he made his move. And
Veronica went for it.

A few months later we were all kicking back at Rachel's
party. Veronica commented on my fuck the system t-shirt. She
had the same one except hers had sleeves. "I like sleeves," I
said. She smiled and then slipped away before I could
recover. I melted into the couch and watched the party
evolve. When the beer was gone I wandered outside to look at
the stars. Veronica was on the front lawn, kissing my next
door neighbor Johnny. I went back inside and watched TV.

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