Sunday, March 26, 2006

On That Plane

Sunny day on the trampoline and aeroplanes fly over head.
Where are they going? I wish I was going. I want to be on
that plane. Foreign lands and yummy food and girls who speak
in tongues. Crazy times and things to buy. Strange terrain.
An empty sky. Buses and taxis and mountains and beaches.
Shatter my life in a million pieces. I want to be on that

Solar eclipse and lightning bolts, something strange is about
to happen. I'm starting to choke on pop rocks and coke, my
dreams are coming true. I hope. Colors and tunnels and stars
and stuff and suddenly I'm on the plane. It's really happened
and here I am. Soaring through the sky. A girl in the aisle,
and she's pretty and Russian. She taps me on the shoulder.
Seat back forward please, I think she said, the plane is
about to land. Down we go and here I am, my adventure shall

The window is there and I catch a glimpse. But I've seen this
all before. It's the same old town I've lived in since the
day that I was born.

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