Saturday, June 18, 2011

Nothing's Easy

Elliot Gould's wife died died died did Judge Reinhold have a brother god rest her soul. The doctors the connectors there are connectors in my my what a brain you have that can not not not function keyboard keycard kitty kitty kitty kitty correcters. I am so lone lone the money to be alone forevery bodies there is blood inside things the things the fur my thoughts are back in side in my thinking finking fingers are bleeding and your terrible lick lick purr personality disorderly conductor. Cat a cat a tonic is sick a stick a knife a life is nothing is easy bake a baker on the highway in the microwave oven on without any fire your gun at me headcase briefly briefcase. Organise your papers news papers electrical fires with my life is in trouble and nobody no body can listen to list them how the things to order you can list them but it's not a pen is a penis a knife it is not right to write to left your life without a love a love the love of a left me when I was nine. I mine I might I have killed Elliot Gould is your cat my brother don't judge me please oh please are asking as king to list them with a pen and I cannot listen to the blood is on my shirt and I can yell a yell a yellow is the word the words a colour to stop the red they said to think of yellow and yellow and yellow and yellow it is yellow it is yellow it is working now I can what have I done.


  1. Anonymous12:01 PM

    Damn I love this shit, Rollerfink.


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