Tuesday, December 08, 2009

i kill spiders for you

a lot of things are happening. it's chaos. it's a dream. there are waves. it's serene. you love me. but you don't like anything i do. the poetry. i kill spiders for you (i'm scared of spiders, too). the bees in my balls are buzzing. making semen in their hive. they're glad to be alive. they are prepared to die. for you. they won't get the chance, for there's no time to dance. no pants, no slacks. no chance to relax. you bought me a shirt. no chemistry. we have history. psychology and physics. what is this? we are heavy. we are moving. after the things that are happening have run their course. we will remain. together. mass times acceleration = force. 


  1. "the bees in my balls are buzzing. making semen in their hive."


    I love this so much I would kill a tarantula for it


  2. The Spirit of the Beehive is a great film. This is a great post. You are a great rollerfink.

  3. i like the bees in your balls also
    i mean
    "the bees in my balls are buzzing."
    i like that

    otto, this was my word verification: "pfackin"

  4. the spiders and i shall regroup and make vengeance upon your buzzing bee balls.



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