Monday, December 14, 2009

shadow company

i am a schizophrenic. i hear voices in my head. the voices are strange. they tell me to do things.

the doctor asks me about the voices.

one of the voices is american i say. his name is peter mcallister. he is the former commander of a vietnam war era special operations troop, known as shadow company.

what does peter mcallister tell you to do? asks the doctor.

he wants me to kidnap a girl named rianne. she is the daughter of a policeman. it has something to do with a heroin-smuggling operation.

another one of the voices is named arjen rudd, he is the minister of affairs for the south african consulate. he wants me to hide a case of krugerrands. he wants me to fly an aƩrospatiale 350B astar helicopter. he wants me to kill a police officer. he tells me to go down to the docks. there is drug money there. it needs to be protected.

another voice is a rogue cop named jack edward travis. he wants me to distribute cop killer bullets to the bad guys. he wants me to sell guns.

the final(?) voice is a high-ranking triad negotiator named wah sing ku. he wants me to set fire to a house full of people, including two pregnant women. 

and that's it i tell the doctor.

he doesn't believe me. i'm too old for this shit, he says.


  1. Every elikste voice inside my head just laughed

  2. what is the name of the voice that is mine?

  3. Give the doctor a break, why doncha?

  4. The eyes in my head enjoy looking at these words.


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