Friday, January 29, 2010

another song is playing

inside a house, inside a room, inside your head there is a song playing. listen to the song, get on the floor. feel your way, past that shelf. out the door. don't open your eyes. there's somebody else, inside the house, inside the room, inside your head. quiet. wait. it's not too late. listen to the song, loud, now sing the song, no, stop. something's wrong. the music, it's gone. no more sound, no more edges, the room is round, floor on the ceiling, doors on the ground. you can feel the lies now open your eyes and see the half that you despise. deal with him now, cut off his face, fight dirty, below the waist, eat his brains, swallow them down and savour the taste. it's him. or you, don't let him win. be the hate, rise up tough, dominate, it's not enough. you're slipping, hold your feet. no. it's too late now, he's got you beat. there's nothing else to do. that half of you is dead. succumb to him. inside his head, inside his room, inside his house. another song is playing.    


  1. Flock of Seagulls.

  2. hahah i was thinking "chemistry" by mondo rock but you can;t go wrong with flock of seagulls.


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