Thursday, January 14, 2010

Kania Rahadianti Purnomo Has 869 Friends on Facebook

dear kania rahadianti purnomo,

you don't know me but i've seen your name floating about. here and there. i like it.

you probably already know this but kania is polish for "elliott gould."

and in hindi, rahadianti means "was not in"

and purnomo is italian for "diner (the movie)."

i wonder what you look like. you probably look like elliott gould. with big tits. that's cool. i like elliott gould. he was in one of my favourite movies. it's called "diner" and it's about a group of chums who love to eat pancakes. it's set in the eighties and elliott gould plays this character called steve guttenburg. it's so great, you should watch it. blockbuster probably has it. i don't know, maybe not. the blockbuster near me only has three of the seven police academy series. one, two, and seven. that's weird, right? i mean, if they were going to just have three, why not one, two, three. one is the best obviously but after that number three is probably second. it's called back in training.

anyway, sometimes when i can't sleep i google your name just because i like to see it and read it and last night i noticed you have a facebook account. it says you have 869 friends. whoah, that's a lot of friends. i only have 44. part of me thinks "really? 869?" but then another part of me is more like "yeah, good on you."

you are probably really nice. that's why you have so many friends. i'm nice too but i don't have that many friends. i don't really understand how that works. maybe you're more outgoing than me.

well, i better finish up. you probably have a lot of catching up to do with all your friends. i really just wanted to tell you that i like your name. it's nice.

best regards,

benjamin king


  1. hehe

    i don't have 869 friends on facebook either

    sam elliot's mustache is beastly

  2. i have 159 friends, none of whom have ever had toniss with me. please ask your wife to let me hold your hand during a movie one day. thanks.

  3. I hope he friends you.

  4. rollerfink is made of magic.

  5. dj, is magic real?

    xTx, my wife said ok if she can pick the movie. it will probably be "coming to america"

    cami, that would make 870 friends.

    paul, at some point i think we have to recognize that it is actually the mustache's sam elliot.

  6. Anonymous10:53 AM

    I have the 'no-add rule. I only confirm people who add me (this applies to everyone, family, friends whatever)... helps keep number low.

  7. hahahaha

    i wish peter jennings had a sam elliot right now!

    i don't think i could handle a sam elliot

    dj should grow a sam elliot

  8. All I can say is:


    And: I love you not in a gay way



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