Tuesday, January 12, 2010

older now

more than a friend back then i knew her in her bones and her face and her brains and her taste. music in the night and the occasional fight. drinking and thinking. sinking, skin burning on the vinyl beanbag. every morning talking and laughing. proust and eggs to untangle our legs. smoke in our lungs, not old and not young, just enjoying our time. was it a day or a month? a year? jumping and flying, diving and landing. around and back and back again. that's just how it was back then.

but she's older now. got some money, had some fame. drives a minivan with a name; the nimbus of the baptized god. a dog. kids in the back. fade to black.

it will never be the same.


  1. what rhymes with myonate?

    you word-kick peoples faces off

  2. the nimbus of the baptized god



    "Nimbus" may be the greatest word in English and never has it been used so well.

    (BTW, speaking of baptized gods...one "Christian" you have overlooked: "Magic"... gets my vote. Do you have geriatric suffrage here?)

  3. well i stole "nimbus of the baptized god" from t.s. elliot ... he was a gay magician from the late 80's and i've just been watching some of his highlight reels on youtube. i was the first to apply it to a minivan though. maybe. and geriatric suffrage? no, voting should be reserved for the young.

  4. Bloody great relief to hear that, and Billy Elliott won't mind I'm sure.
    A painter of the Umbrian school
    Designed upon a gesso ground
    The nimbus of the Baptized God.
    Sorry, forgot there are no voting rights for adults in convict colonies.

  5. billy elliott, that sounds familiar. wasn't he in elliott gould?

  6. Billy Elliot was one of those dance movies, like Flashdance, and Dirty Dancing. You'd like it, rollerfink.


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