Wednesday, September 23, 2009

i don't know what you look like

i think about you a lot when i masturbate. i know, i don't actually know what you look like. i think you probably look like tracy gold. or tracy chapman. are you black? i'm black. i look like dustin hoffman. in my wank dreams your face keeps morphing into all your other faces like in that godley and creme video. for some reason i also picture you singing "do they know it's christmas" a lot. can you sing? i can't hold a tune myself but i'm pretty good on the synthesizer. i can play it like a piano or like a drum. i'm not going to tell you for sure but i might be a bit older than what i said last time. i'll keep you guessing. maybe i am or maybe i'm not. i don't think you're older than what you said. you might be fat. i hope i never meet you.


  1. Dustin Hoffman is one fine black man.

  2. I'm flattered you think about me. My word verification was "soctsmet."


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