Tuesday, September 08, 2009

right now

he's known as a bad person locally. he calls people fucking cunts and tells his kids they belong in a garbage can. he refers to his wife's breasts as teats. he cheats. beats off at the beach. he borrows money from his brother and gambles it away on the ponies. taunts the retarded boy who works down at shoney's. flips people off when he's driving his car. he won't fix the gate. drinks too much, shows up late. wears dirty shirts and laughs when it hurts. he stole a pair of bowling shoes and still wears them back to the alley. doesn't feed his dog and never scratches her belly.

but this thing they say that he did, he didn't do. i was there from eleven until a quarter to two and he was there (with you know who). i saw what happened and i won't say who it was but it wasn't him. sure, he's lied in the past. a million times, probably. more. and believe me it shocks me to the core but i know what's not and what is true and between me and you, his words are bona fide authentic. not pretty but legitimate. every other day of his life has been lived without veracity, but i'm telling you this as a definite statement of fact. this one time, without a doubt, when he opened his mouth the truth flowed out. don't ask me why or how, wrong so many times before, he's right now.


  1. Breasts are teats. And your watch is off. And quit talking about my boyfriend.

  2. You've done it! Crispin will be pleased, I'm sure. Well done, rollerfink.

  3. thanks dj. crispin is known as a good person globally. hopefully his really sexy beam will come out soon.

  4. thank you fink
    you used the cunt-word
    we'll add this to the long list of right nows

    just decided that i will work my way up to one myself


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