Thursday, September 17, 2009

not asleep

not asleep, awake. thinking. theories. stories. inventions. intentions. plans for things. a fish with wings, flying then dying in the air. a bear with the body of a bear and the face of another bear. too cold and too hot. giving it another shot. and then not. the sheets are tangled on my feet and maybe i'll give up cola and stop eating meat. i could read or get up or watch tv or build a robot. i could write a letter to somebody and then mail it to somebody else. or do other things that don't make any sense. erect a fence or masturbate. bake a cake or take a walk or draw a picture of a cow getting milked with an expression on her face. think about monkeys in outter space. count backwards from one or tally my money. call my friend in sweden and ask if he's swiss. fog up the mirror and draw a heart or ball up my fists and squeeze out a fart. think about the only girl i ever kissed. or make a list. oh nevermind it's morning now. or close enough, it's getting light. the end of another pointless night.


  1. A fence can last forever.

  2. not everyone who is swedish is swiss, but everyone who is swiss is a bastard

    my word verification was "antali"


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