Wednesday, September 30, 2009

same sex robot radio show

we listen to the same sex robot radio show. we aren't same sex robots though. they play music that you can listen to and they have a chat session where people can call in and say things. robots i mean. last night a robot called in and said that his life partner robot had the same voice modulation chip as him so when people or robots call their house it is difficult to tell which same sex robot they are talking to. plus the one robot's name is velocity 2000 and the other robot's name is voltron 2000 so sometimes they get letters for mr. v 2000. so the one robot answered the phone one day and pretended to be the other robot and the robot on the phone was all "what are you wearing" and the robot pretender was all "i'm wearing robot trousers" and the robot on the phone said "ooh take off your robot trousers again like you did last time" and "i'm oscillating my refractor node" and then the one robot knew that his same sex robot life partner was so busted because he must have this kind of robot phone sex all the time. stupid robots.

we laugh at them. every night we listen to their stupid robot problems and we say things like stupid robots or something else. tonight we're going to call in and pretend to be same sex robots. we're going to say something about a stupid robot problem and then right at the end we'll shout out "stupid robots" and hang up. that's why humans are smarter than robots.

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  1. bwahahahaha


    I mean: bleep blip bloop bleeeeeeeep

    my word verification was "andurr"


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