Thursday, September 17, 2009

she might

i think she thought she might when she looked in the mirror that night, stripped down naked except for her socks. cut her hair with a pair of left handed scissors she found in a box. the end of an era. no more booze or pills or lies. no more vodka alone or coke through a straw. no more waking up on somebody's floor with tracks in her thighs and burnt out eyes. no more fucking for money then losing it on scratchies. hit rock bottom they said and i think she thought she had. but back in the mirror she'd peed. it was on her legs and they were too thin and she could feel herself giving in. that ugly face and the things she'd done, maybe just one more night of fun.


  1. you are a sly rhymer, you slip 'em in all sneaky-like

    my word verification was "nolipin"


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