Monday, September 14, 2009

what mariana said

the things i want to know include:

"what mariana said"

and "when is that new sushi place going to open (it's really close to my house and i like sushi and i like walking and i saw the lady in there yesterday and she was cleaning something off the inside of the window and she waved at me and smiled. i like it when people wave at me and smile and i think she was doing it because she is a nice person and not just because she wants me to frequent her establishment but it did actually make me want to frequent her establishment so definitely one of the things i'd like to know is when is that new sushi place going to open. also, what was she cleaning off the window?)"

also, "what is the name of that one guy and his hair is kind of red or strawberry blonde or brownish and he was in this show on tv but i know i just saw him in some other show and i' guess i'd like to know the name of that other show too but mainly i want to know what that guy's name is. he has a face and he talks kind of like whob whob whob but he's not from boston."

and "how long will it take me to walk my dog up to the vet because the appointment is at eleven and i don't want to be late but if i'm early i'll have to sit there and people will ask me if my dog is friendly and i'll say yes but i'll really want to say she is mostly friendly but sometimes she flips the shit out and i don't want to make any promises because sometimes she does flip the shit out and i don't really want to deal with her flipping the shit out right there in the vet even though she probably won't but i'd rather get there right on time and not have to worry about it but i've never walked that way before and it is kind of far. i should bring some water."

and i'd quite like to know "what does it take?"

and "what would she really like for christmas but not if it's too expensive because if it's really expensive and i know what it is then i will either buy it and secretly feel a bit resentful about how much money i spent when i didn't have that much money because i don't have a lot of money or i won't buy it and i'll feel inadequate and that shit permeates."

also, "do people remember me?"

and "what is boxing day, not just what is it because i know it is the day after christmas and you get the day off work but i mean how did it start, what is it for?"

and "when does the royal show start. i haven't been to the royal show in so many years but i'm kind of psyched about it this year and i'll think i'll take my nieces and we'll ride the wild mouse or i guess i'd also like to know if they still have the wild mouse at the royal show but either way we'll get loads of show bags and eat the shit out of some lollies."

and "what does ben lee say in that one song because i've listened to it like a million times and i always sing along but i have no idea what he is saying just in that one line and it's more fun if you know what people are saying when you sing along to their songs."

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  1. whob whob whob

    Marianna sounds nice.


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